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13 - 17 in (33 - 43 cm) XXS
17 - 22 in (43 - 56 cm) XS
22 - 27 in (56 - 69 cm) s
27 - 32 in (69 - 81 cm) m
32 - 42 in (81 - 107 cm) L/XL

The Ruffwear webmaster harness is designed to be comfortable for your dog to wear. This harness is ideal for dogs that can use extra support, adventurous dogs that climb over obstacles and dogs that can get out of their harness. The Webmaster harness distributes the pressure on your dog when you lift or assist him by means of the handle on top of the harness. The harness is adjustable in five places and therefore easy to adapt to your dog. The padded chest and abdominal straps increase wearing comfort. The Ruffwear Webmaster Harness has two points to which you can attach a leash: on the top of the harness and on the loop behind the handle. The reflective edges ensure that your dog is clearly visible in the dark.

Ruffwear webmaster

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