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I & I Pet Supplies Coffee Tree Chewing Root M The I & I Pet Supplies Coffee Tree Chewing Root M is a chewing root for your dog, which provides the dog's natural chewing needs, helps to clean the teeth and reassures the dog. Chewing is a natural need for dogs. Unfortunately, they are often given too few opportunities to do so. This coffee tree root is the perfect solution for that! This carrot is 100% natural: the carrot is not processed and contains no artificial additives, making it also suitable for dogs with allergies. Contrary to the name suggests, the root is also caffeine free! The dog will enjoy chewing this root, which gives the dog a satisfied and calming feeling because chewing releases endorphins in the brain. In addition, chewing the root helps to support the natural cleaning of the teeth. The chewing root can be given to dogs from 12 weeks. Note: the dog's chewing power is often underestimated; Smaller dogs, especially bulldogs and terriers, often have more jaw strength than is thought. It is therefore not recommended to use a smaller chew stick size to try the product. Smaller terriers and bulldogs can also bite or chew a size S through the middle. So always adjust the size of the chewing stick to the bite force and the chewing fantasy of the dog. – Natural chewing root for the dog – From the root of a coffee tree, but without caffeine and free from artificial additives – Chewing is a natural need for the dog, it calms and gives a satisfied feeling – Supports healthy and clean teeth

Coffee tree wood Medium

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