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The Front Range Collar is a nice sturdy, flexible collar from Ruffwear. The collar has a strong aluminum V-ring and a separate ring for, for example, the rabies badge or name tag. With ordinary collars with one ring, it sometimes happens that the snap of the leash is attached to the token ring by mistake, these are not strong with the result that it breaks off, the dog is loose and the token is lost.

The Hoopie Collar has a strong click closure. So you don't have to worry about it opening.

The Front Range Leash and Front Range Harness are available in the same colors as the Front Range Collar.


S: neck circumference 28-36 cm, 20 mm wide

M: neck circumference 36-51 cm, 25 mm wide

L: neck circumference 51-66 cm, 25 mm wide

front range collar various colors various sizes

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