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 Donate, you help


Every year thousands of dogs are abused, neglected and dumped. They need our help. Also yours, who lends a hand?

Year after year, thousands of dogs are neglected, dumped, abused and even killed.

We are aware that unfortunately we can't help people

change that it is mopping with the tap open.

But every life we ​​can save, give a better future is worth it.

That is why we are always looking for support to make this happen. Every cent, every euro can change an animal's life.

We do not do this for 1 dog or 1 shelter, every life has a right to it!

We transfer money to various shelters at home and abroad

to buy food, pay for medical expenses and all the other stuff needed to save the animals.

Everything can be followed closely on our facebook page, who has made a donation or who has donated goods.

To which shelter the goods go, etc.

Where are our piggy banks etc.

It is also reported when money has been transferred with proof of this to an asylum.

BE93 3631 4951 8567

our account number

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